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Look good in a Yeak Inc. Tee and eat great grilled food with our hot sauces!

KRAHOM is a hot sauce made to go on anything and everything. It should be used when roasting hardy vegetables to be served on the side at dinner. Krahom is mind blowing when mixed with soy sauce and used as a dipping sauce for NY steakroasted chicken, or simply over rice. Mixing a spoonful of Krahom with some ketchup will give you the best dipping sauce for french fries.

CHRUK should be in every banh mi sandwich you eat. It considers carne asada tacos it's second home. You like roasted suckling pig? So does Chruk. Don't forget to include some Chruk at your next crawfish boil or clam bake

BAITHONG should be smothered all over grilled chicken at the next Sunday grill-out. It makes a great glaze for an oven seared salmon when you need something quick and easy. It can be used as a salsa verde with bulgogi tacos if you love creating fusion street food. It's amazing on fresh raw oysters with chopped cilantro and a touch of lemon juice. Call it "Green Ketchup" and put it on your favorite fried chicken nuggets

KMAO should be eaten with your chinese take out when it's movie night. It should be added to your hot Ramen when you're feeling under the weather. It can be mixed with ranch and eaten with wings when your favorite team is playing. Kmao likes to be invited to family barbequeswhere it has a chance to mingle with BBQ sauce and talk about pork, beef, and chicken


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