Frequently Asked Questions



Yes, Yeak offers wholesale to qualified specialty retailers. If you’re interested in carrying our Yeak products please email us at for pricing and details. Wholesale accounts can be open with a minimum of 4 cases. 

Wholesale Shipping

Yeak will ship by USPS or Freight depending on how large the order is. We will ship based on the best price available at the time. If you have an account with a particular shipper and want us to use that please notify us at the time of your order along with any other special instructions. Shipping quotes will be provided upon request.

Distribution in the United states

Yeak is looking for qualified US based distributors to partner with. If interested, please email us here

International Distribution

Yeak is looking for qualified International distributors to partner with. If interested, please email us here

Consignment Sales

Our policy is that we do not participate in any consignment sales programs.

order damaged during shipment

Sorry the postal service damaged your package. We insure all of our orders going out. If your order is damaged, please email us photos of the damage, your order number and what you need replaced to:

Your replacement will be sent out within 24-48 hours Mon. – Fri.

4 Digit zip/Country Codes

If your country has a 4 digit zip/country code you’ll need to add a zero (0) in front of your zip/country code to make it 5 digits. This way your order will be processed without an error.

Secure Delivery Location

You the buyer is responsible to have a secure mail delivery box or location. If your home delivery address is not secure, please have your order mailed to your office, place of work or other secure option. Yeak is in no way responsible for stolen orders left in a non-secure location when delivered.

Delivery and Shipment

Orders are packed on Tuesday and Fridays, and shipped on Wednesday and Saturdays. All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail should take 3 to 4 days to arrive. International orders will take an additional 4 to 5 days. 

Sale or Clearance Items

No returns or refunds on any clearance or sale items.


On all of our labels it states to "Refrigerate after opening". This is due to different environments of storage that we have no control over.

Local Farmers and Chili Peppers

We love finding farmers that grow chili peppers locally. If you’re interested in growing chili peppers for us here are a few guidelines along with more information on the process.

We pay a fair market value per lb. and shipping fees. We only want naturally organic grown peppers, no pesticides or chemicals on the peppers. We don’t require organic certification yet.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us here: We’d love to make this a long term business relationship.