Yeak's Cooking Adventures: Popcorn

Yes, we’re making popcorn. One of our staff was traumatized at an early age when his parents set the kitchen on fire making popcorn for the family movie night (yes, this really happened). Since then, it's been the safer air-popped (too dry), or microwaved (yay chemicals, maybe).

A snack fit for House Lannister

A snack fit for House Lannister

On hearing this when setting up for Game of Thrones night, our chef was offended. “What is this blasphemy! That popcorn is not fit for dogs!” Although, the Yeak World Headquarters official dog did seem happy about anything food related, chefs are a touchy people. So we had a lesson in making popcorn in a pot, with oil.

My parents set the kitchen on fire making popcorn
— Clay

Still mumbling something about eating plastic under his breath, the head chef broke out a medium pot with a lid and started up a medium heat on the test kitchen stove. He poured in some olive oil and popcorn, put the lid on and shook the pot over the flame.It looked complicated (chef’s note: it’s not).

Scooping it into a few bowls and throwing salt and pepper in, the popcorn looked good and  could have been done. Maybe for anyone else, but the chef, slapping eager hands away from the popcorn muttered something about dealing with impatience and food. The chef reached into the refrigerator and pulled out...Krahom?!

He yelled “Quiet, peasants!” and drizzled the red sauce across the top. A few of us took a couple of bites. Wow! The salt and pepper mixing with the smoky, spicy Krahom hit the perfect balance. Not too hot to overwhelm the natural flavors in the popcorn and still get a hint of salt.

The perfect match to a great GoT episode.

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