Cambodian Water Buffalo Racing

Here at Yeak Inc. we’re interested in keeping our culture and our family histories alive. We’re always thrilled to find new things about them. In doing that, we get more appreciation of our past and where we are today.

We recently learned of water buffalo racing in Cambodia. Yep. Water buffaloes and racing. Which proves that people will race anything. And this was not a fast race.

In some villages in Cambodia, at the end of the harvest ceremony celebrating ancestors, a water buffalo race takes place. Something to keep in mind is that, although most people have access to machinery and farm equipment now that make the water buffalo mostly unnecessary, they are still an integral part of the culture.

We have always understood that water buffaloes are important in Cambodia, but this video opened our eyes about how much a part of social life they are. This helped give us a little more connection to a culture we are a part of, and maybe a little more of an understanding as well.

While we focus on Cambodian culture, Yeak Inc. is brought to you by a variety of different cultures. We appreciate diversity and may bring other cultural stories in the future. We hope you like the video!