Our Story

Inspired by the dishes and culture of Cambodia, we wanted to create a line of products that would capture the flavors of Cambodia and bring them to your dinner table.

Using ingredients that are both local and seasonal, each bite of our handcrafted artisan sauces is crowded with freshness and flavor.

Being foodies and having parents who are refugees from Cambodia, our drive to bring these flavors to your kitchen comes from the passion we have for our culture and purpose to keep our culinary tradition vibrant in a fast pace world. With the enthusiasm of wanting to learn more about our culture through food, we strive to blend old traditions with modern form. This aptitude has brought us together to share our chronicles and culture’s food with everyone. With Yeak Inc. we are able to share a small piece of our love, passion and culture with the world.

We hope you enjoy everything we’re doing and keep coming back for more.